June 14, 2024

Financial news and updates can help investors and traders identify new trends, reduce risks, and maximize potential returns. Staying abreast can provide invaluable knowledge that helps identify emerging opportunities while mitigating risks for maximum return.

Financial news can be found online from various sources. Some are free while others require subscription. Reputable websites often provide real-time news and data.

The Financial Times

The Financial Times is a British daily business newspaper founded in 1888. It covers international business and economic current affairs and is considered to be an authoritative source of business news, with readers across the globe. Readers reside both inside and outside of Britain. This salmon pink paper makes itself instantly recognizable; furthermore it features prominent financial journalism and analysis features.

The Financial Times (FT) is well-known for its Lex column, covering global economics and finance. It takes an editorial position of centre-right with regards to political coverage; making it popular with city workers while serving as an invaluable guidebook for investors.

The Financial Times operates through multiple divisions, such as its flagship FT Group which specializes in business and financial news, climate and energy publishing and consulting services as well as offering various online services via its websites and apps.

The Wall Street Journal

Established in 1889, The Wall Street Journal is a daily business newspaper which covers international news with particular attention on financial markets. Published online six days per week along with print edition and mobile apps versions; owned by Dow Jones & Company in New York City with editing in New York as its base; multiple times recipient of Pulitzer Prize awards.

The Journal has long covered business and economic news, but since World War II it has also expanded into other areas. One example is its Mansion feature which highlights luxury real estate; another column written by Dalai Lama or cardinal authors explores religious themes.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation purchased Dow Jones & Company, which includes the Journal, in 2007. Since then, its coverage has expanded to encompass politics, art, culture and lifestyle topics – including initiatives like WSJ Europe Future Leadership Institute and luxury magazine, WSJ.


Benzinga is an online news and information service tailored specifically for traders. Their real-time newsfeed covers everything from large trade blocks to new company announcements; with advanced filters and technical analysis tools that enable traders to select only those stories relevant to their trading strategy. Furthermore, there are multiple chat rooms designed specifically to meet traders of all experience levels on this platform.

Benzinga was established by Jason Raznick in Detroit, Michigan with the purpose of making financial information more accessible for individual investors. Their real-time news feed is one of the fastest and most comprehensive available – featuring top news sources that users can filter by source for filtering purposes as well as watchlist stocks price movements or release notifications in real time. They even offer Squawk feature which shares key market headlines instantaneously!

Benzinga is an indispensable resource for keeping up with the latest in finance. With real-time newsfeed, idea and commentary stories, and actionable trading ideas – as well as partnerships with brokerage houses such as TD Ameritrade and TradeStation – Benzinga provides real-time information that’s crucial for active traders and individual investors alike.

MetaStock R/T

MetaStock R/T is an advanced charting software with sophisticated technical analysis capabilities, backtesting, and forecasting features designed for intermediate to advanced traders. It boasts responsive customer support as well as numerous price and volume indicators as well as market profile charts (point & figure charts and Equivolume) – plus it comes equipped with numerous advanced chart types such as Darvas Box and Gann charts for users to explore their markets more deeply.

Refinitiv DataLink and Xenith provide the software’s market data. Xenith is an industry leader when it comes to real-time news, data, and analytics; their comprehensive global fundamental data sets offer unparalleled coverage while their search capabilities provide powerful search capabilities.

Advanced traders looking for a comprehensive tool to aid their decision-making may be drawn to this software; its steep learning curve and outdated interface may put off beginner traders. Furthermore, since broker integration is unavailable and you must use an independent trading platform instead. Xenith add-on provides real-time news monitoring and global fundamental screening at an additional monthly fee of $250.

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